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USA1000.net, USA1000.com, USA1000sales.com

The USA1000 Group of websites are all separate consumer oriented companies which are dedicated to providing Consumer Product Testing and Reviews, and publishing a wide range of Informational Articles, including Books and On-Line Training on Small Business, Real Estate Investments, AI & ChatGPT Software, Work-From-Home Opportunities, Health Care, and many other Income Opportunities.

Univair Inc. - Product Testing & Reviews

Univair Inc provides Testing & Reviews of a wide variety of consumer products and appliances, software systems, as well as new food products, health products and dietary supplements at the request of manufacturers.

We also publish a complete series of educational articles for information on Work-From-Home Opportunities, Real Estate Investments, and various other related subjects, as well as self-help books, and software that consumers have a high interest in learning about.

Many other helpful articles are available on forming and running a small business, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-Corp or C-Corp, establishing regional or branch offices, Internet Websites, and and much more.

Global Atlantic Group LLC - Florida Real Estate Broker

Global Atlantic Group is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage that provides real estate services, personal consultations, and informational articles on real estate such as buying, selling, and investing in real-estate, buying tax certificates, tax deeds, foreclosures, creating land trusts, self-directed IRA/401-K's to buy & hold property, landlord-tenant laws, assignments of contracts, property wholesaling, property flipping, contract for deed, and more.

Global Atlantic Group can handle any type of real estate transactions in the state of Florida, but we specialize acting as a Buyer’s Agent for Cash Investors & Buyers from out of state locations who are looking for the best available purchase opportunities, and who need a local on-site Broker who can respond immediately to handle their needs. 

Our Multi-List System (MLS) is the largest in the state of Florida and covers properties from over 20 Counties throughout central and southwest Florida. We provide our clients with an enhanced searching link, and we can provide detailed county records, current market values, photos and other information. We provide electronic contracts by email so you can close by fedex from your home or office.

Scott Nielsen - Executive Director

Founder, Author, Broker, Product Reviewer

Scott is the Author of numerous Self-Help Educational Books and Blogs, Work-From Home Opportunities, and provides professional Product Testing and Reviews for Vendors and Manufacturers on a wide variety of consumer items.

He has been a Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Broker since 1980 who is licensed in two states, and founder of a specialized Real Estate Brokerage in Florida which works as a Buyers Agent for Investor Groups, Individuals and Out-of-State or Foreign Investors who are interested in purchasing Properties in Florida. 

Scott Founded, Funded, and Managed a network of Small Loan Companies which served several thousands of Consumers.

He developed an automated system to qualify clients and process Loans and Payments in the shortest possible time.

He founded and operated an Import-Export business and acted as an export broker for US firms and Buyers Agent for Foreign Firms. 

Scott currently provides Product Testing and Reviews, Internet Training, Business Management and Consulting Services, as well as Regional Development Oversight to domestic and international firms wishing to expand their markets and corporate presence in this area

His Business Consulting and Research Service helps to educate individuals on the various advantages and differences between operating a business as Sole-Proprietor, C-Corp, S-Corp, Limited Liability Company, and Land Trusts. Has acted as an organizer, nominee officer and registered agent for numerous companies, as well as a regional agent for a variety of management tasks. No direct legal services are provided to the public.

He Founded & Developed a Computer Software company which specialized in General Accounting, Medical, Dental, Insurance, and Real Estate Management Systems and Electronic Claims Processing. Worked with IBM and Microsoft to provide the very first small business software programs for the IBM PC in 1980.

He also developed Private Label Licensing agreements with over 20 computer manufacturers to sell our software products on their systems, and eventually expanded operations to over 425 Dealers and Distributors Worldwide

Scott is a licensed 100 Ton USCG Ocean Master with extensive boating experience in a variety of vessels and countries. He Founded a company providing Worldwide Delivery & Positioning of Yachts and Ships, as well as also operating Dinner and Cocktail Cruises and Caribbean Charters in his own 66 foot vessel “ECLIPSE” and his Long-Range 60 foot Hatteras “CHARISMA”. 

Scott is an Airline Captain who additionally founded a separate International Aircraft Delivery firm which provided hundreds of Long Range Trans-Oceanic Deliveries of a wide variety of aircraft throughout 42 countries worldwide. He also provided some very unique and specialized Crew Services for Geophysical Surveys in the Arctic Circle on PBY and Shorts Skyvan Aircraft, deliveries of DeHaviland Beavers on Floats from Canada to the Faulkland Islands for the British Govt, and brought back 10 Douglas AD-4 Skyraiders from France to the USA over the North Atlantic.  Scott accumulated over 23,000 hours of flight time in over 70 different makes and models of aircraft before taking an early retirement to act as the Executive Director overseeing all of his increasing business ventures.


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Although we normally provide a direct link to each of the vendors websites, any purchases made on those sites are made directly with the vendor, and not with our firm.

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